Craftsman 10-Inch Band Saw Review

Craftsman 10 in Band SawCraftsman is one of the leading power tool manufacturers in the industry, which is why so many DIYers and professional builders tend to have at least one or two Craftsman tools in their arsenal.

With their introduction of this ten-inch band saw, homeowners and DIYers now have a mid-level band saw that’s both reliable and tough, despite its size.

While not a model that can withstand heavy use, it still has a lot to offer in terms of quality and sheer cutting power.

The Craftsman 1/3 HP 3.5 amp ten-inch band saw comes equipped with a well-machined table and an incredibly rugged frame. The trunnion has a somewhat flimsy look but it’s actually quite strong.

The doors feature double latches and shut tightly. Overall, this is one nice looking machine. The fence and miter gauge are not built for larger projects, but the fence actually functions pretty well for its size.

Craftsman Band Saw Rundown and Features

Craftsman Band SawLet’s start off with the assembly. Fortunately, the assembly process is pretty straight forward. Most of the product comes assembled except for the table and trunnion. When it comes to attaching the trunnion to the frame, it can be a little tricky.

How difficult is this saw to adjust?

  • When it comes to tuning the saw, setting the lower guide bearings can be a little tedious. You can set the guides by eyeballing it instead of using anything for a gauge, which turns out to be a lot easier than trying to hold a gauge and then locking the bearings down at the same time.
  • If you take the time to adjust the bearings to the blade during setup, and every time you change the blade or adjust the tension, you’ll enjoy a smoothly operating saw.
  • Just like any type of band saw, this model must be set up carefully. The blades must be tensioned high, with the blade tracking towards the back of the wheels. When it comes to the guides, these should be placed closely to the blade at about paper-thickness level.

Quick Tip: By raising the tension, the blade is moved to the front of the wheel. Adjusting the wheel angle, in turn, changes the tension, so this process can be a little maddening if you don’t have much experience. For most users, the adjustment process should take about an hour.

Cutting Performance

band saw useDuring use, the saw doesn’t vibrate much, if at all. The tracking adjustments work surprisingly well and are very responsive. There’s no blade tension indicator on this model, but this isn’t a deal breaker for most users.

The motor can easily handle ripping two-inch hardwood easily. With the right type of blade, it will even handle thicker stock with ease. Even when it comes to resawing, this saw handles like a champ.

Does the dust collection system measure up?

Quick Tip: Another big surprise is the dust control system. This saw comes with a lower wheel brush that works well. All you’ll need is to do is hook up a dry vac and you’re all set. Even after using the saw for two or three hours, the saw remains pretty clean.

Craftsman Band Saw Pros and Cons

Pros: The saw features a rugged frame, with well-balanced wheels and a great dust collection system. It comes equipped with a solid table and a strong little motor.

This saw is designed with plenty of metal parts, while most models in this price range feature too many plastic components.

Weighing in at sixty-six pounds, the saw offers a substantial feel. It also comes with a metal stopper adjustment, multiple rollers and metal wheels for the blades.

The included cast iron table is a big selling point for buyers looking for the complete package.

Cons: Even though this saw can handle two-inch hardwoods with ease, many users found that anything thicker tends to cause the saw to stall. After running the saw for about half an hour, you’ll probably notice is starts getting pretty warm, although not hot to the touch.

Should this occur, you’ll want to give the saw some resting time and allow it to cool off in order to prevent overheating the motor. This tends to happen more frequently when ripping thick hardwoods, an issue that’s pretty common with smaller models of band saws.

Overall, while tough this saw isn’t a good choice for on the job use, although it can easily handle most jobs around the home.

Many users who purchased this saw felt that it was underpowered, at least when it came to handling thicker hardwood, but these limitations are common in smaller ten-inch models. Other buyers also mentioned that the guide bearing tends to wear out rather quickly.

If you’re looking for a band saw that packs more punch, and one that can be used on the job site, take a look at the WEN fourteen-inch band saw.

Band Saw by Craftsman Final Thoughts and Rating

Craftsman 3.5 amp ten-inch band sawFor a tough little band saw that you can use around the home, the Craftsman 3.5 amp ten-inch band saw is a great buy.

  • The included work table is made from cast iron, so you know it’s built to last, while the miter gauge and fence have also been designed with quality in mind.
  • The stock blade isn’t much to brag about but you can easily upgrade it for fine cutting projects.
  • While this isn’t the toughest saw around and it could definitely use more power, it handles well for a model that’s used specifically for small to medium sized jobs.
  • Overall, this saw handles well when the user doesn’t overestimate the saw’s abilities.

Consumers who purchased this band saw gave it a rating of four out of five stars. This isn’t a top of the line model, but because it’s produced by Craftsman, at the very least you know you’re getting a power tool that can take a beating and still run dependably.

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