JET JWBS 14-Inch Pro Band Saw Kit Review

The JET JWBS fourteen-inch band saw kit is in a word, enormous. So big, in fact, that it’ll arrive on your doorstep in two separate packages. One package will contain the base cabinet, while the other holds the upper saw unit.

And unless you own a hoist, assembling this beast is easily a two-man job. Weighing in at over two hundred pounds, this is a lot of saw for one person to handle.

JET Band Saw Assessment and Features

JET JWBS 14-Inch Pro Band Saw KitThis band saw seems much larger than it should, with a frame that’s over six inches taller than what you’d expect from a standard fourteen-inch saw. So, why the extra inches?

  • These extra inches are included to offer a full twelve inches of resawing capacity.
  • By increasing the frame height, the manufacturer was able to retain the full thirteen and a half inches of cutting width, while eliminating the need of adding some riser blocks.

Installing riser blocks has always been a time-consuming chore. Increasing the frame size while eliminating wide riser blocks is a pretty fair trade-off when it comes to the saw’s overall footprint.

It also prevents the need of having to realign the wheels after adding riser blocks.  This bigger frame also comes with some much-needed storage space in the lower cabinet.

The user can split the table for blade access. The table also features a tapered slip pin which will maintain the table’s surface during use.

Saw Build and Construction

The saw is equipped with well-balanced cast iron wheels which help to prevent high levels of vibration. In the lower cabinet, the serpentine belt drive allows the user to choose between resawing and the standard 3000 FPM.

The lower and upper wheels operate on oversized sealed bearings, which keep the saw tracking straight while also reducing friction.

The saw’s cast iron frame works to prevent flexing even when serious pressure is placed on the blade when resawing.

The cast iron wheels offer plenty of power to the blades using minimum pressure. The trunnion and cast iron table also add to the solid construction. The stamped wheelbase weighs in at about twenty pounds, leaving you with a couple hundred pounds of saw to mount.

As we have mentioned, the assembly is definitely a two-person job.

Adjusting your new Band Saw

JET JWBS 14-Inch Band SawThe throat measures in at twelve inches high. The lower and upper roller bearing guides are simple to adjust and are a much better option compared to block style guides, which tend to build up too much heat during operation. The blade guard moves smoothly via a small knob.

  • The tension spring arrives adjusted to accommodate the included stock 3/8-inch blade.
  • The tension gauge is pretty much useless with any other blade width.
  • Tensioning the stock blade will completely compress the tension spring an inch before the correct mark is reached on the gauge.

The user will have to rely on experience or guess in order to find the right adjustment considering the user’s manual only offers directions for adjusting the tension to the guides for the stock blade.

Quick Tip: If the saw is going to remain idle with the blade in place, the spring tension setting doesn’t need to be changed, thanks to the tension quick release lever. However, the lever must be operated from the back of the machine instead of the front, which simply feels like a design flaw.

JWBS 14DXPRO Band Saw Pros and Cons

JWBS 14DXPRO Band Saw Pros and Cons

Pros: The blade guides are easy to adjust and are all bearing wheels as opposed to steel blocks. Adjusting the height is also simple and easy. The tensioning release arm means you’ll no longer have to leave the blade under constant tension.

  • The built-in blade tracking window is designed with safety in mind, allowing the user to closely monitor the position of the blade during use.
  • This isn’t your average band saw for the garage, and for the price, you’ll want to put it to work right away.
  • Designed as a true workhorse, this model features a two poly-V belt drive system for better cutting control and precision and 1.25 HPs.
  • This is a highly capable, decent saw with great build quality.

Most of the features are well-made and beefy. The saw’s hinges and doors are a little on the light side but are more than adequate. The extended height of the saw was a big selling point for many consumers.

Cons: There are some issues with the design of the blade tightening system. The small knob located on the top of the machine is difficult to tighten. The screw and nut system for adjusting the guide arm is somewhat confusing.

If you don’t need a saw this powerful, or you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, the WEN 3962 ten-inch band saw is a great choice and it’s available for a fraction of the price.

This saw doesn’t come with a miter gauge or fence. Both of these accessories are required in order to safely use this saw. While the stock blade is pretty decent, you’ll need to purchase additional blades for other types of cuts.

JET Fourteen-Inch Band Saw Conclusion and Rating

JET JWBS 14DXPRO band sawThe JET JWBS 14DXPRO band saw is a whole lotta saw. It may even be overkill if you’re looking for a band saw for smaller jobs.

But if you’re in need of a band saw for your woodworking shop, small business or even for on the job use, this monster is packing the type of power you need. This is not a saw we would describe as beginner-friendly.

In fact, if you’re not skilled with a band saw, steer clear of this model at all costs. Incorrectly adjusting this model could lead to serious injury, which is why it’s recommended for advanced users only. The pros who purchased this model gave it a rating of four and a half stars out of five stars for performance, power and overall quality.

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